Get value from your cyber security investment

Real time threat detection, network visualization and advanced investigation capabilities.
Quickly achieve and maintain compliance with over 100 of the most in-demand standards including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, GDPR, NIST, SOC 2 and more.
Optimise client security and resilience through data-driven intelligence built on a foundation of trust.
A single cloud platform for cyber security and compliance across all of your IT assets.
Proofpoint protects organisations’ biggest risks and greatest assets: their people.
The next generation of anti-virus, endpoint detection, response and prevention.
LEAP - LeadingEdge Awareness Program. A fully managed service for cyber security awareness.
A comprehensive threat detection, analysis, and compliance management SIEM solution.
Format preserving encryption, tokenization, data masking, and key management.
Security analytics for quick and accurate threat detection.
Single sign on, authentication, privilege management and access control.
Fortify on Demand identifies vulnerabilities in software.
Fortify on Demand
do you need cyber security?
Our clients rely on the availability of their technology for the smooth running of their businesses. The data that their systems hold is quite often critical to the success of their business strategies, such as intellectual property and trade secrets. Most of our clients also hold personal data in their systems, that if disclosed by a cyber criminal, could potentially lead to fines and significant reputational damage to their business.

Cyber security attacks and breaches happen every day, and if you are connected to the internet, your business will most likely already be a target. Think your business is too small to attract cyber criminals? Cyber criminals don't only target individuals or businesses - they also target vulnerabilities constantly probing for weaknesses 24x7 using automated systems.

Effective cyber security arrangements are an essential business control to ensure that your business continues to operate uninterrupted and that your customer's data is treated with the respect it deserves.
Our services are aligned to some of the key questions that our clients ask us:
Have we been hacked?
are we getting value from our cyber security investment?
whaT ARE the chances of a data disclosure impacting our business?
In our experience many organisations have been breached, although they don't yet know it. The hackers are quite often waiting for an opportune time to use the compromised systems and data for their own purposes.

It’s possible to understand whether your networks and systems have already been breached through the monitoring of your network traffic using modern techniques such as machine learning.

LeadingEdgeCyber’s ‘Have We Been Hacked' service includes the deployment of a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service to determine whether your organisation has been compromised.
Whether it’s identity management or AI based network security tools, it makes sense to invest in cyber security solutions to protect your business and avoid a hacker compromising the security of your systems and data.

As experienced cyber security practitioners we have seen many clients that have not deployed their cyber security technology effectively or fully, leaving value on the table and potentially exposing their organisation to a cyber security attack or breach.

LeadingEdgeCyber’s 'Value From Cyber' service includes a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of your organisation's cyber security arrangements, including technology, people and processes.
Understanding the data your organisation manages, where it is located and what it is used for is the first step to determine whether a data disclosure will impact your business.

This understanding is even more important as your organisation moves key business systems and data to the cloud, to third parties and supply chain service providers.

LeadingEdgeCyber’s ‘Data Disclosure Impact' service determines where your data resides, who is interested in accessing it and assesses the effectiveness of the arrangements in place to protect it.

will our chances of being hacked increase by moving systems to and purchasing systems in the cloud?
should we insource or outsource our cyber security?
how do we keep compliance easy and minimise the cost?
Moving systems and data to the cloud presents both opportunity and risk to the security and management of data.

In our experience, many cloud service providers have better arrangements than their customers, and quite often their customers demand they continuously invest in cyber security. Of course this isn’t always the case with all cloud service providers.

LeadingEdgeCyber’s 'Cloud Cyber Arrangements' service includes a comprehensive analysis of your organisation's cloud service provider’s cyber security arrangements to determine whether there's an increased chance that the security of your organisation's data will be compromised.

Highly capable and cost effective cyber security resources are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Managed security service providers are becoming more mature and they may be a better strategic fit for many organisations.

LeadingEdgeCyber’s 'Insource or Outsource Cyber' service includes a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your cyber security arrangements to determine which functions it makes sense to outsource and those it makes sense to invest in within your organisation.

Many of organisations struggle to keep abreast of the ever evolving compliance requirements and regulatory frameworks, that relate to the protection of data.

With a thorough analysis, it is possible to determine controls that need to be in place to cover multiple compliance requirements, particularly when this relates to the protection of data and the organisation's cyber security arrangements.

The LeadingEdgeCyber 'Minimise Compliance Costs' service includes a comprehensive analysis of the regulations and legislation that are applicable to your organisation, the effectiveness of existing controls controls to be implemented and determines the best approach to achieving continuous compliance.
we also provide services across the end to end cyber security management lifecycle:
Understand and assess the preparedness against cyber security ATTACKS AND breaches

Plan activities and build THE capability to protect and mitigate against cyber security attacks AND BREACHES
RUN AND CONTROL OPERATIONS to protect and mitigate against cyber security attacks AND BREACHES
Respond to and recover from cyber security attacks and breaches
EVOLVE YOUR cyber security Arrangements for the next generation oF attacks and breaches

Cyber security strategy and capability re-assessment
Cyber security strategy reviews

Cyber security risk assessment

Cyber security vulnerability assessment

Cyber security threat assessment

Application and business fraud assessments

Penetration testing

Secure design assessment

Personal data privacy assessment

Payment card processing compliance
Cyber security program design, enablement and program management

Cyber security project and program recovery

Cyber security software evaluation, procurement and implementation

Information security policy and standards development

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan development

Cyber security management reporting

Cyber security insurance
Managed security services

Managed cyber security operations

Managed Chief Information Security Officer as a service

Managed security reporting

Temporary cyber security staff

Cyber security executive staff search and placement

Cyber engineering resource augmentation

Cyber Security IQ - Information and cyber security training and awareness

Cyber security executive and director briefings
Cyber security incident response plan development

Cyber security incident simulation

Cyber security incident breach management and response

Cyber security breach forensics

Post cyber security incident reviews
our insights are coming soon.

LeadingEdgeCyber helps organisations of all sizes and in all industries to manage their cyber security effectively.

Our cyber security specialists combine business acumen, technical expertise and industry leading solutions to equip organisations with reliable defences against current and emerging cyber security threats.

Leading Edge Cyber is an Australian owned and operated company with offices and consultants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Rob Warcup

Rob is a cyber security and technology risk expert. Rob has 30 years industry experience having worked with some of the world's largest companies.

Guy is a senior technology consultant. Guy has over 20 years experience in technology consulting, delivering information management, governance, security and AI based solutions for medium to large organisations in wide range or industries and government agencies throughout the Australia Pacific region.

Andrew is a risk and resilience practitioner with experience delivering projects across a number of international and regional standards including ISO 27001 and ISO 27031. Andrew has previously held regional security roles for multinational corporations including Hewlett-Packard.

Guy Sharabi
Andrew Styles
Mark Carey-Smith
SENIOR consultant

Mark is a highly experienced cyber security professional with 21 years industry experience across multiple sectors. Mark specialises in cyber security governance and risk, with a particular passion for cyber security awareness, behaviour change and cultural improvement.

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